A Guide On How To Implement ‘The Mindfulness Pedagogy’ Into Your School.

  • To read about what  ‘The mindfulness pedagogy’ is – click here.
  • To read about the three aims of ‘The mindfulness pedagogy’ – click here.

There is a five phase process to the implementation of the mindfulness pedagogy in a school:

  1. Providing mindfulness practice subject knowledge for staff – which will help towards their well-being. – For more information click here.
  2. Provide pedagogical knowledge via CPD to staff to equip them with the skills to teach it to children.
  3. Begin providing mindfulness practices for the children in class to look after their well-being.
  4. Begin promoting an ‘atmosphere of mindfulness’ school-wide & celebrate progress of staff & children.
  5. Begin using mindfulness to enhance children’s learning.

So it starts with the staff’s well-being – providing opportunity for & subject knowledge in mindfulness practice will led to a greater understanding for the staff individually and improve their well-being at work and therefore their interactions with their workload, relationships with other staff, with the children and the learning environment of their classroom.

Once staff have enough knowledge within themselves, they can begin to think about providing it to the children in class. This will lead to a cultural shift in the school and the school can begin to see whole-school differences taking place and celebrate individual success in children.

Once a culture has been established teachers can then begin to explore ways in which mindfulness can enhance learning.


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