The World Of Thought

Thank you members of Mindfulness Hour @mindfulnesshour

If thinking is the business of the brain – how does the brain transact this business? What does the brain manipulate, in order that thinking can take place? What does the brain contain?

Conventional answers would be to that the the brain consists of thoughts, memories, ideas, concepts, associations, beliefs and knowledge – Is this too limited and more to the point too fragmentary?

If the world is interdependent and a concept of Buddhist mindfulness then is whatever is inside the brain all of one piece too? – Not compartmentalised into sections, or functions, or aspects.

Our understanding of the present moment cannot then be separated from our experience of the past or from our expectations of the future; perceptions cannot be distinguished from intentions or understandings from feelings? To the extent that the world around us is interconnected and systematic, so the content of the brain must be so too?


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