The Mindfulness Pedagogy


Before we begin to talk about what the mindfulness pedagogy’s purpose & aims are and before we think about what the mindfulness pedagogy looks like, we first need to understand what the terms mindfulness and pedagogy mean.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is concentrating on what is at the forefront of your mind, in the present moment, with insight & compassion. Mindfulness practices are often intentional and systemic ways of developing a compassionate and insightful presence to an activity.

Focus on the breath is a key facet of mindfulness practice. Neuroscience shows that this makes us aware of the subjectiveness and transient nature of thoughts and emotions, rather than them being something unmoveable and permanent.

It allows there to be space between day-to-day stimulus and automatic reaction.

Stimulus ->                        -> Reaction

Stimulus -> Space/Time -> Response

What is a pedagogy?

Pedagogy is a way of looking at how teaching and learning should be conducted.

What is the mindfulness pedagogy?

The mindfulness pedagogy provides the principle of mindfulness to:

  • The well-being of staff and pupils.
  • A school’s learning environment and community.
  • To the act of learning.

Therefore a mindfulness pedagogy creates a compassionate and thoughtful learning environment for children to work and play in. It supports children in making friendships and creating a loving and accepting place to be. It provides a high quality tool to ensure the well-being of children and staff at the school. It looks to enhance children’s love of learning and academic achievements.


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